On-location Workshops



Meet the Founder and Bible Teacher Kim-Christine Duarté

Workshop Info and Typical Schedule


We’ll guide you through 2 simple and practical Bible study methods that’ll help you Know God’s Truth and  experience His Power in your life! 


God’s Word is powerful–it’ll transform your life!!! In fact, it’s impossible to become who God created you to be without reading, understanding, and applying God’s living Word to your life. When you read God’s word,  you will be able to better hear God’s voice, increase your faith, overcome habitual sins, destroy destructive thinking, and live the life God has called you to. But in order to be transformed by the Bible, set free, and walk in God’s empowering presence, we need to 1) understand what the Scripture is truly saying (as the Biblical author intended) and how it applies to our lives today and 2) read and engage in God’s Word consistently to hear God speak to us personally through the Bibleand that’s what we teach in our workshop!

After attending this workshop, attendees will: 

  • enjoy reading the Bible more.
  • discover the true meaning of a Biblical text.
  • discern false Biblical messages and teachings.
  • apply Scripture appropriately to their life.
  • know how to listen for God to speak to them through the Bible–personally.


Attendees will also walk away with helpful resources, including:

  • PDF of the K-I-N-G-S-! Interpretation Template to help you interpret Scripture correctly in the future.
  • PDF of the P-R-A-Y Devotional Reading Template so you can journal your Devotional Bible Reading.
  • PDF of K-I-N-G-S-! Quick Reference Guide.
  • PDF of a Flexible Bible reading plan.  


Typical Schedule: 9:30-12:30

  • Unit 1:  Introduction: How to Get Started:  9:30-10:30
    • Power of God’s Word
    • Bible Translations/Versions
    • Preliminary Biblical Interpretation Steps
    • The 4 Aspects of Understanding Scripture
  • —-Break 10:30-10:45
  • Unit 2: Ways to Read & Study:  10:45-12:15 
    • P-R-A-Y-! Devotional Bible Reading Approach
    • K-I-N-G-S-! Bible Study Method
    • Tips for Hearing God through Poetry, the Old Testament, & the New Testament
  • Unit 3: Closing: Planning the Journey 12:15-12:30
    • Words of Power
    • Planning the Journey



We offer onsite workshops at various Christians organizations, including churches, Christian-owned coffee shops, and other ministries.  If you would like to host a workshop, please contact us for more information.


Further Description:

This workshop covers the general guidelines and principles for interpreting Scripture in its rightful context all while emphasizing the Holy Spirit’s role in reading the Bible. Also, and most importantly, attendees will walk away with a personal plan to read the Bible correctly and consistently. Furthermore, the Bible teacher, Kim-Christine Duarté, presents the information in a conversational tone, making it fun and understandable.