Bible Reading Workshops (Online)


An online workshop to help you know God, His Truth and His Power! 


Would you like to know God better, discern His truth, and experience His power in your life? We have developed an online workshop that will help you (and/or your church group) do just that: The K-I-N-G-S-! Way Bible-Reading Workshop. This workshop will guide you through a simple, step-by-step Bible study method so you can know God, His Truth, and His Power for yourself!


This Practical Bible Study Method will help you Experience God’s Presence, Power, and Purpose in your life! 


You see, God’s Word is powerful–it will transform your life. In fact, it is impossible to become who God created you to be without reading, understanding, and applying the Bible to your life. When you read God’s Word,  you will be able to better hear God’s voice, increase your faith, overcome habitual sins, destroy destructive thinking, and live the life God has called you to.

But in order to be transformed by the Bible, set free, and walk in God’s empowering presence, we need to understand what the Scripture is truly saying (as the Biblical author intended) and know how it applies to our lives today…and that’s what we offer this online workshop!

With our relaxed, online setting, we present the material in a personable way, guiding you through the workshop. You will have the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home (or this online curriculum can be streamed, making it compatible for church groups of any size). When you (or your church group) enroll in this short workshop, you become a part of e-truth’s Devotional Coffeehouse Community, a coffee-shop regular.


After taking this short workshop you will:

  • enjoy reading the Bible more.
  • discern false Biblical messages and teachings
  • discover the true meaning of a Biblical text and apply it appropriately to your life.
  • know devotional Bible reading practices to enhance your devotional time with God.


You will walk away with helpful resources, including:

  • PDF of the K-I-N-G-S-! Interpretation Template to help you interpret Scripture correctly in the future.
  • PDF of the P-R-A-Y Devotional Reading Template so you can journal your Devotional Bible Reading.
  • Flexible Bible reading plan.
  • PDF of K-I-N-G-S-! Quick Reference Guide. 


How this Workshop Works:  (It’s Simple!)

  1. Watch the video for each unit. (We also hold LIVE online Workshops.)
  2. Do the mini-assignment at the end of each unit. 
  3. Discussion: You may join the Coffee Conversations (Discussion Forum) for each unit.
    • Group Setting Option (available for church groups): Discuss mini-assignment as a group.


Do you want to learn a practical Bible-study method to experience God’s Presence, Power, and Purpose for your life?  


If you are ready to know God’s truth and experience His power in your life, this course is perfect for you (and/or your church group)! 

The K-I-N-G-S! Way Bible-Reading Workshop


This workshop covers the general guidelines and principles for interpreting Scripture in its rightful context. Special emphasis is given to general interpretation guidelines and appropriate application. The Bible teacher, Kim-Christine Duarté, presents the information on videos in a conversational tone, making it easy to understand.




So, grab a cup of coffee, and start this life-changing journey by signing up for our workshop! 

(Enrollment Begins August 28, 2017–Next Workshop Starts September 19, 2017) 




Instructor: Kim-Christine Duarté

Kim-Christine Duarté is the founder of e-truth. She received her M.A. in Bible and Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in the spring of 2012. She obtained her B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Dakota Wesleyan University in 2007 where she was awarded the Alumni medal in Philosophy and Religion. It is her passion that people grow in their faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and by the study and application of God’s Word. Her heart’s desire is for Christians to confidently interpret the Word of God in its rightful context. Other ministries she has served in include: worship leader, Bible study leader, preacher and speaker. Kim-Christine, her husband Zane, and two sons currently reside in the Dallas area.